Bashing Eagle Eggs

In 1989, as a newly christened editorial writer for my high school newspaper, I thought it compelling to write an article on the hypocrisy in the world as I then understood it. As I remember, this forgettable, frivolous piece chronicled both silly and yet profound two-faced ways of the world that I did not fully …

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On the Verge of Trump

With an unorthodox new president about to be sworn in later this week, it's timely to summarize my thoughts on the man, the movement behind him, and opposition to him. The Left-committed pundits, politicians and field soldiers are genuinely scared of President-elect Trump and what he will begin to implement this Friday. Having listened to …

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Sounds of the Mouth

Powerful are the sounds we make with our mouths and attach meaning to. Captain Obvious states we usually refer to these sounds as words. With words we marry our spouses; we communicate good & evil; we convey emotions; we sentence criminals and exonerate the innocent; we teach children to tell of their needs and desires …

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That Garden Story

There's something about that Garden story that pricks the conscience, that stokes a soulish curiosity in us all.  This would be the creation story recorded in the first three chapters of Genesis, attributed to Moses, the lawgiver.  Understanding this story is key to making sense of the world as it now is. Whether literal or …

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