The Stolen Rainbow

There is a sign that most of mankind has known which has been stolen during our place in time.  It is the multi-colored prism in the atmosphere that shows after a hard afternoon rain - the rainbow.  The hues of the Creator's paintbrush appear in order to remind us all of a promise.  Yet in …

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Divided We Shakily Stand

President Trump has so far been correct about many things and wrong about a few things. One of the things he said at his recent press press conference (2-16-2017) is that he did not divide America.  This is true.  The nation was divided years before he politically came upon the scene.  He also said that …

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Selfishness vs Self-Interest

Behaving selfishly is never a good thing. If it is, it is called self-interest. These two behaviors are normally confused in our society, as intentions are lost in a mirage of denial, service & guilt. Self-interest is usually thought of as selfishness in a culture today that only has the attention span to tweet, scroll, …

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Without Memory

Without memory you are not you. I heard that said on the radio a while ago. What a simple yet profound statement.  It applies on both the micro and macro level (personal and societal-national). Without memory your family members are a congregation of strangers. Without memory you have never heard the songs of your favorite …

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