King Nothing

This is a post about nothing. And for the record, I stole the title from a song.1 There's not much to say right now. 'So why post anything?,' you might ask. Because my writing skills need sharpening and this is the best way I know how to do it. I am a product of Generation …

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Death – The Great Equalizer

Death is one of the things that superstitious people believe will happen to them if they discuss it. Death is among the top taboo subjects that Americans purposefully avoid. Talking about it is considered depressing, even if it's done in an indirect, abstract way. But in tandem with taxes, it's the only thing that will …

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Religious Values and Gov’t Programs

I was challenged recently in an online chat to demonstrate how my Christian values can support a political Party (the Republicans) that "wants to cut programs that provide food, shelter, and health care for the poor, children, and the elderly."  The individual questioning me called the Right "conveniently atheist" when it comes to government programs …

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