Worldviews are one of those words that we occasionally hear but don't really understand. I have learned it has everything to do with how you make life decisions, from the mundane to the grand. I once heard a man express the thought that what a person believes about 'God/god' influences everything he/she does, even down …

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Freedom in Boundaries

Boundaries are negative - so think many people.  That is unless you are on a narrow mountain-side road at night.  Then boundaries, seen as painted lines & guardrails, are good.  They are your friend. There is much controversy these days about the southern border/boundary of the U.S. and how individuals cross over it.  But putting …

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Religious Values and Gov’t Programs

I was challenged recently in an online chat to demonstrate how my Christian values can support a political Party (the Republicans) that "wants to cut programs that provide food, shelter, and health care for the poor, children, and the elderly."  The individual questioning me called the Right "conveniently atheist" when it comes to government programs …

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