Political Correctness Extra-Strength

With a president in the White House who is the antithesis of political correctness (PC), the promulgators of inoffensive language and appropriate behavior are marching more fervently than since mid-2015, the point at which the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign began. The campaign cooled their fire for a bit as campaigns seem to do. But brace yourselves – the PC Believers (aka the far Left) are gathering their collective will and planning to unleash a bustle of political activism for the 2018 mid-term election, though they will save their fury for 2020.

The far Left’s sense of justice and of right & wrong sit on a foundation of sand. And they use this unsteady perch to unleash cultural outrage at targets they deem unacceptable. For instance, the most basic of human designations, gender, became fluid in 2016 because a tiny percentage of the population secretly desired to use the other public restroom. Marriage was redefined by a 2015 Supreme Court decision (which permits two males or two females to marry), also because of a tiny percentage of the population. Masculinity is frowned upon and frequently attacked as “primitive behavior” on TV programs. And this same mentality has begun to touch the world of sports and even the military. Work is shunned when it means being under-employed. Economic classes are pitted against one another. And the extreme Left’s phantom gem, speech, is the tactical nuclear option they endeavor to use to silence opposition.

All who have given their attention to the news in recent years are aware of the “safe zones” appearing on many college campuses. These are ostensibly places where students can go to be shielded from offensive speech and upsetting political ideas. Then there was the recent case of the far Left Democrat mayor of a major U.S. city who issued a subpoena for the texts of specific pastors’ Sunday morning messages because of a rumor they were “anti-gay.” 1 Knowing nothing else of this case, one would assume that knowledge of the First Amendment would squash any government official’s attempt to subpoena sermons. But liberal passion seems to override law these days.

There is no deity in the far Left’s collective mind, so they decide what defines morality & fairness, depending on their mood, their feelings, national/world events, and the mentality of the few.

They are the masters of their own world and they want this world to be where we all live.  Corporations are evil and should be hated, for instance, as demonstrated by the Left’s groundless outrage during the “Occupy Wall Street” expeditions of 2011. They believe corporations are responsible for income inequality, unemployment and so many ills of society, unless it happens to be Apple (iPhone), Toyota (Prius), Starbucks and a few other select companies. Treating any woman in the workplace with contempt or as a sex object is an absolute no-no to the far Left, unless you are a liberal politician (Bill Clinton) or sanctioned public figure (Jay Z, rap star and husband of singer Beyoncé).

The Party out of power and their political soldiers always need to be comforted by a voice they perceive to be a national figure.2 But the PC movement is so fluid and “progressive” that they have actually become regressive when it comes to freedom and rights protected in the U.S. Constitution.3

We saw the cultural forces of the PC crusade manifest with “credibility” for the first time during the Clinton years.4  This PC army marched-on and gained considerable strength during the George W. Bush years. And by the end of his time in Washington, the far Left’s cultural heroes, using the megaphone of the media to spin coverage of news events to their perspective, were able to make W out to be the most cruel and vindictive person in the public eye.5  The result was the election of the far Left Barack Obama in 2008.

During Obama’s years in the White House, as he wore the symbolic hat of Politically-Correct Leader, the far Left proved how great they were at organizing protests and marches that grabbed news headlines. They became pros at politicizing police departments, award ceremonies and NFL games. They successfully contaminated everything non-political with their extreme liberal ideology – from science to art to national parks to health care and more.

This type of hyper-activism will only become more frequent as the next election approaches.  Hopefully, the crazy Left will not turn physically violent. Also, they should remember that their God-given right to free speech, protected from the government by the First Amendment, does not include a right to be heard.  Persuasion is much different than simple speech.





1. This happened in Houston, TX, in 2014. The openly gay-mayor at the time, Annice Parker, was unsuccessful with her subpoena because a group of lawyers fought her in court on the basic grounds of First Amendment protection.
(This is a lay-explanation, not a legal explanation.)
See http://www.chron.com/news/politics/houston/article/City-subpoenas-pastors-sermons-in-equal-rights-5822403.php

2. https://www.yahoo.com/news/fueled-trump-opponents-maddows-popularity-rises-041816356.html

3. Watch this 4-minute video from Prager University entitled
“Why I left the Left”

4. I believe it was Bill Clinton’s ideology, along with the people whom he chose to work in his Administration (Donna Shalala, Joycelyn Elders, and others), who began spewing the foolish speech pattern known as “political correctness” in recent times. How ironic that the Admin of such a corrupt individual (Clinton himself) would try to tell society what is offensive and what is not.

5. It did not help that W & his Administration refused to defend their actions or lack thereof due to, he said, his utmost respect for the office of the President. He believed, whether right or not, that history would someday prove his actions correct.


One thought on “Political Correctness Extra-Strength

  1. crossroads174@gmail.com

    Well done. I listen to the news and I really fear for this country except for the fact that we have a president who, while sometimes he makes me crazy, is fearless. I hope he succeeds in his mission (election promises), if not, God save us all.

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