Worldviews are one of those words that we occasionally hear but don’t really understand. I have learned it has everything to do with how you make life decisions, from the mundane to the grand.

I once heard a man express the thought that what a person believes about ‘God/god’ influences everything he/she does, even down to indirect decisions such as how free time is spent, who to vote for, and how to make a living. I thought the comment was a stretch of sorts, an attempt to reel in religious folks. But my life experience has led me to come to the same conclusion: what a person believes about God/god /It /theForce /theMystery /theThing /theOne /MotherEarth /theBigBang, has everything to do with one’s worldview.

Believing, for instance, that the earth is so delicately balanced environmentally, that any variation of the norm today will negatively upset life as we know it, causes one to live in a way that puts creation at the forefront of lifestyle. Believing in Darwin’s evolution proposal — all of life formed by chance through a series of ‘perfect circumstances’ and that it has evolved based upon natural selection — puts men & women on the same level as dogs or the common caged animal at a zoo. Believing in the basics of America’s founding would lead one to vote for … neither Hillary or Trump (wink).

If a person believes the Biblical view of mankind’s origin, there is no possibility that the Creator made a mistake when He created males to be men or females to be women. But to leave origin to chance, we have the oddity known today as ‘transgenders’ and ‘gender identity.’ Also, trusting that the Biblical Creator is sovereign and forms life from nothing, will tilt one’s approach to the moral issue known as abortion,1 among other things.

Those without a Biblical worldview often search for the exception — people known as hermaphrodites (neither male or female) or that instance where the mother’s life is in danger — and want that irregularity to supercede all others, for all people & for all of society.

As I have previously typed in this forum, President Trump has not caused the abnormalities that are now so accepted in our nation — they were here long before him — but his presidency is being used by many to justify irrational and incomprehensible ideas that would have been summarily dismissed a generation or two before: ‘White privilege,’ gay marriage, transgenderism, animal rights, humans causing climate change that will eventually destroy all, safe spaces for college students2, racially segregated gatherings on college campuses3, and sanctuary cities4, to name a few.5

The Point:
The place where your core originates (personally), largely determines the prism & lens for which you see the world — from politics, to friendships, to business interactions, to how you treat others, and beyond.6

Our society should drop the pretense that we are accountable to no one but ourselves. This is a lie. We are not accountable to humanity. That definition changes every generation and differs from nation to nation. And no matter the fate or chosen path of your family member or best friend, you — personally — will someday given an account of yourself. And to Him you will tell what you gave yourself to, what you did with His permissions, how you dealt with others, and whether you shucked or embraced His Truth.7 He is a merciful Creator, extending forgiveness beyond anything conceived by mankind. Yet He is also to be honored and respected. He describes Himself over and over again as “a jealous God,”8 regarding mankind’s devotion. We should listen.

While the Founders of the USA were not all necessarily Bible-believing Christians, the vast majority of them (including all the names you know) had studied world history & religion and understood — while believing — that a society based upon Judeo-Christian principles was the only way to construct a nation that survived beyond all the opposing forces of the day. For those who doubt this statement, simply go to Washington DC and read the stone engravings of the monuments we have erected to these leaders. If you still doubt, I invite you to search the resources found at in order to draw an opposing worldview.

May His Kingdom come in its fullness (Maranatha),







1. Abortion is often confused today as a political issue when it is rightfully a moral issue.

2. See and

3. See and and and

4. The idea of disregarding the law for the sake of ‘we are all one people, no matter the worldview’ trumps the Rex Lex for many today.

5. All of this began as far back as the 1990’s, during Bill Clinton’s presidency, if not before, and gathered tremendous steam during W’s two terms. It became unhinged of sorts by the end of Obama’s presidency and is now over-the-top, hardly-even-discussable between two people of disagreeing views today. The inability for people of disagreeing opinions to have a civil, respectful conversation is very troublesome.

6. After mankind attempted to ‘ascend to the heavens,’ roughly 4,000 years ago (The Tower of Babel — Genesis 11), mankind has attempted, in numerous ways-shapes-forms, to reinstitute the lost relationship once coveted by Adam (of ‘Adam & Eve’ fame) in the Garden of Eden (see Genesis 1-3).
Also see II Corinthians 5:17 by clicking here.

7. See John 14:6

8. ‘God’ is a title, not a name.





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