On-going Cultural Wars

[Context: Yesterday (10-08-2017) Vice-President Pence left a football game in his home state of Indiana because several players knelt during the traditional playing of the National Anthem.]


So sad that politics has invaded everything in our culture, including sports.

I remember back in the mid-1980’s when President Ronald Reagan appeared by video from the White House and flipped the coin for the NFL Super Bowl to decide which team would get the ball first. Gone are the days when any president would be respected enough by all sides to perform such a symbolic task.

The fight for the culture is out in the open now. The extreme-Left has attacked so many of our societal-pillars: religion, marriage, gender, life itself (abortion, euthanasia), ethnicity, small business, corporations, differentiated incomes, energy, freedom, and now the national anthem & flag.  Not sure what is next.  My guess is they will openly take their axes to the First Amendment itself.  Then it’s onto doing away with state governments and investing all power in DC.  (That’s basically what they do when they shop their pet-court-cases to sympathetic Federal judges.)

Link to the story below.  Your comments are welcomed.




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