The Shot Across the Bow

The Bill of Rights just had another warning shot cross its bow. Its enemies abound. Thomas Jefferson would be frightened.

The 1st Amendment has been a target for a while, especially on university campuses, but even recently by a member of Congress.1 No one cares about the 3rd Amendment (quartering troops). The 4th (privacy) is violated regularly by the NSA, FBI, others. The 5th through 7th have not been targeted, yet. The 8th (cruel and unusual punishment) is often controversial as its meaning is prickly. The 9th (individual rights not specifically mentioned) is virtually non-existent. And the 10th (States rights) was forgotten long ago as the behemoth Fed govt chugs along, gobbling up all power in its path. But specifically, the 2nd Amendment was just put in the cross-hairs of those who do not like guns.

The fanciful Left and their numerous group-think coteries love to weigh-in on matters today that are heavier and more consequential than most of them perceive. The latest being gun restrictions.

Take, for instance, the advance in Washington DC on March 24 by youth who squawked and chanted for more gun restrictions.2 Their witty signs, sincere passion and matchless energy played into the conniving hands of the far-Left’s leaders. Useful idiots, they became, who now ‘have a cause.’ Laws already in force prevented guns from being on campus last month at the Florida high school massacre that birthed the march. While the evil perpetrator of the crime did not obey the law (moral or legal), they want more restrictions. And a few days after their rally, the shot across the bow came from one of the shadow canons in the far-Left’s arsenal.

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens wrote an Op-Ed in the NYT 3 saying, among other things, that the 2nd Amendment should be repealed. His Op-Ed is the match that will stimulate a political forest fire. It will give cover to the agitated talking heads in the media, as well as members of Congress, who have longed to repeal the 2nd but have not had the cojones to say it.

Stevens argues that the 2nd Amendment was put in place because the original 13 States worried about a standing army under control of the Federal gov’t. That is true. This worry, he says, “is a relic of the 18th century.” So sad he cannot make the connection to our world today.

What Stevens and others like him reject is mankind’s original sin. The USA Founders collectively understood it,4 as did many others throughout history. But the far-Left conceives a nation where all societal ills are wiped away with education, cultural progress, and just being good, by golly. This, foolishly, does not take into account human nature. They believe we are all good, all the time. This ignores history. And this overlooks our own evil impulses. Can you imagine the Jewish populace in 1930s-40s Germany having the “right to bear arms?” Guns were not a “Right” during those years and the only ones who wielded arms in mass were the gov’t.

I am for sensible gun laws. While we already have tons on the books, certain restrictions on military-style weapons being available at large might be necessary. But in places where guns are as sparse as common sense,5 people are helpless targets for any bad guy who feels he needs to hasten the trip of others to the hereafter. Some argue this is because the thugs of Chicago, for instance, get their guns from neighboring states like Indiana, who have different restrictions. But if we extend this logic to another level and pretend the 2nd Amendment is repealed and all guns are banned, then neighboring nations, such as Mexico, with the highest gun crime rates in the world, will supply guns to the bad guys in the U.S. And law abiding citizens here will be at the mercy of criminals. That is unless we become a military-state. How would guns be stopped at the border when we can’t even stop drugs or illegals from coming across after decades of trying?

Over the next few years, like the health care debate,6 the mantra of repealing the 2nd Amendment will pick up steam and coalesce in the far-Left’s home, today’s Democratic Party. By 2024, I predict, their presidential candidate will be pushing for a repeal as well.7

Bill of Rights, be aware.



1. Dem Congressmen: First Amendment Doesn’t Protect Global Warming Skeptics

For another thought-provoking article about the 1st Amendment, click



Thus, the major reason for the power of the Fed govt to be divided among three equal branches. This is also a major reason why both Congress and the president stand for election & re-election regularly.

4. This is a major reason that the power of the Fed govt was divided among three equal branches. Another result of this understanding was that both the Congress and the president would stand for election & re-election regularly

5. Cities such as Chicago, New York, Washington DC; schools; churches; etc.

6. The debate about health care being a Right or a privilege began in earnest during the 2008 presidential campaign, when presidential candidate John McCain was asked the question during a debate with candidate Barack Obama.

7. Ironically, the president doesn’t have any power in what Amendments are passed or not. The White House can only use the proverbial bully pulpit to persuade Congress and the State Legislatures.


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