A Big Beautiful Babeling Tower

There’s a ‘big, beautiful’ building in New York City that commands the world’s attention. To the President’s dismay, it is not his Trump Tower. But a mile away, along the shores of the East River, there’s a 1950’s style Tower embraced by so many in the world. And though North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is regularly in the news these days, it’s a different ‘Un.’ It is the United Nations (UN) tower.

What is the difference between the UN and the ancient, cryptic Tower of Babel? The answer is not much. However, the difference between the UN building and the world’s most identifiable building, the White House in Washington DC, is the proper recognition of the Lord by the nation that built it. This Lord, the God revealed in the Bible, is mankind’s Creator. This recognition helped to lay this nation’s laws, free from the dictatorship of a stubborn King of England, a religious Pope in Rome and an ocean apart from the political divisiveness of the European continent. This legacy is difficult to spot these days, though it’s influence remains the bedrock of Western civilization. It is what separates the first-world nations of the earth from the second & third world nations.

The idea for the UN is honorable — a world diplomatic forum where problems are worked out with words, not guns and missiles. But it has led to the notion of “globalism” — we are all one nation — and it is enticing many in the West to tear down barriers put in place that set us apart (free speech, for instance).

In the West, the political far-Left, the stylized ‘Progressives,’ are stocked full of baseless knowledge and of their own definitions of right/wrong. They now question things obvious to common sense. For example, their celebrities, news personalities and political chieftains ignore the very DNA — the XX & XY chromosomes — that determines who is a biological male and who is a biological female because of ‘transgenderism.’ The Left’s ever shifting foundation of morality leaves their judgment to sway in any direction the cultural winds temporarily blow. Abortions are now on demand; marriage can be sealed between any two people (only two at present). Assisted suicide is now a thing. And while they herald dead icons such as Martin Luther King, Jr., who’s most famous speech, “I Have a Dream,” promoted the respect for an individual’s character while ignoring the color of his skin, they ignore this maxim and focus completely on the pigment of one’s skin. They deny their innate knowledge of the Creator and comfort one another with social-media Likes, pretending that they will be answerable to no one when death overtakes them. But this is a lie.

The problem at The Tower of Babel, as described in Genesis 11, with more detail given in the preceding chapter (10), is that mankind, in all of their collective knowledge, decided the Creator was no longer necessary in their lives. This repeated the notorious decisions made by man prior to Noah’s flood. The people gathering at Babel thumped their chest at the heavens and went about coalesced around the common notion that they were only answerable to themselves. They set out to form their society the way they wanted, with no accountability. It made so much sense to them — mankind could create a perfect society of his own whim. But it was a lie.

This is similar to the sentiment promoted by so many of today’s writers, actors, athletes, college professors, scientists and media elites with advanced degrees. The coming together of the world — the perfectibility of man — while trusting in Darwin’s theories, have made them believe that the Creator is not necessary in their lives. This is forming a new Babel to be built, a worldwide Leftist group-think built upon technology, ‘science,’ and people with vast resources of knowledge but who cannot define wisdom.

The political far-Left and those who subscribe to their belief system have bought the premise that religion — especially Judaism & Christianity — is bad for civilization. The commercials they produce, the articles they write, the online mimes they create, all promote a world where people are their own moral demigods, unaccountable individuals choosing which gender they want to be; which XX/XY gender they want to marry; when it is ok to end a life; and whom amongst them can discriminate (others with the same mentality) and who cannot (everyone else). The principle they teach is that “no matter what you believe or how you live, you should not be ‘judged’ and your ideas should be fully accepted, no matter what,” unless it is offensive or contradicts their worldview. Their objectivity is no more. Their doctrine is a lie.

Regarding worth, mankind is all the same. No one ethnicity or people group is intrinsically inferior or superior to any other. The same goes for gender — males & females have the exact same moral value, as taught to us by the historically and archeologically sound Bible. However, not all worldviews build prosperous societies. Not all lifestyle-decisions can sustain a culture long-term. Not all nations are on equal footing. And not all gods are the same. To believe they are is to adopt the false narrative fostered upon the West by uber-smart, politically-correct universities, Madison Avenue advertising firms, and social media outlets.

Man without the God revealed in the Bible will always repeat the same mistakes, never overcoming his own intellect. Even so, man with the Lord, will always come up short of perfection on this side of restoration. Until then, the nation-states of the world buffer against the same globalist intentions that motivated those who built the Tower of Babel.

Nationalism is healthy with checks and balances.


PS – There’s a few more comments I’ve made below.



3 thoughts on “A Big Beautiful Babeling Tower

  1. In Genesis 10-11, the Lord separated the people into groups and commanded that they spread across the earth. They ignored Him so He confused their languages and forced them into action. This was roughly 300-400 years after Noah’s flood, according to many researchers.

    Nation-states protect the world from being consumed by an all powerful ruler. Certainly history has shown that large numbers of people have always been under the thumb of a tyrant. But never the whole world. However, with technology, fast travel, and the brain-washing of pop-culture group-think, it is possible to envision national boundaries being erased within a short period, especially in hyper-sensitive societies that don’t want to hear offensive thoughts and with the ever growing mantra against “income disperity.”

    I believe nationalism is healthy with checks and balances.



  2. The alliteration of “Big Beautiful Babeling” and “big, beautiful building” is a jab at President Trump’s frequent description of the wall the gov’t is going to build between the US/Mexico.


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