Silent Crumble

Have you ever read a story or seen one of those movies where an innocent by-stander is swept into the middle of a plot? He/She is reluctant to leave the tranquil life he’s known, yet circumstances move him from inaction to action and he’s suddenly thrust into the middle of the ballyhoo, becoming a hero by the end. That’s not me. I’m over to the side, the peripheral character whose name the reader/viewer does not know. That’s where I find myself in 2020. And thus I speak for myself in this paltry corner of cyberspace.

Since the 1960’s and continuing through today, noxious purveyors of half-truths have whittled away like hungry beavers at America’s institutions, the pillars on which society stands. These pillars include the nuclear-family, loyalty to country, the rule of law, self-reliance, freedom of speech, and the notion that you’re only limited by your dreams. These secular rectors in political offices, in news rooms and in university professorships, preach that there’s nothing redeemable about the USA. They want to retrospectively judge our past with 2020 standards, believing this is somehow fair. And harnessing the power of Social Media, they are pros at seducing any susceptible person into victimhood, whether legitimate or not.

And to this all I believe the experiment of human freedom, of self government, called America, is on very unsteady ground.

Bruised by the COVID-19 mess — both its direct and indirect effects — compounded by flare-ups of racial divisions, financial strains and emotional social disagreements, many innocent people now tacitly believe in the far-Left’s vision of transforming us from a Capitalistic society, with decentralized authority and self-responsibility, to one of Socialism with a central authority that can regulate fairness. The notion that if “the right people” were elected or appointed, they could stamp out all perceived wrongs, all hurtful speech and unequal incomes, then shepherd industry to provide for our every need. They believe this will usher in the far-Left’s true dream — a perfect life of plenty & comfort with all risks, ailments and troubles eliminated. A grand dream that is delusional because it ignores human nature and history. Good descendants of Darwinian propaganda, they are. And it will lead to Communism or some other authoritarian control.

The idea of We The People has led to a higher standard of living for millions of ordinary mortals like myself. And it has nothing to do with skin color or gender. The success of the USA has everything to do with beliefs in virtuous ideals and worldview.

Back to the peripheral role I play. I have not been a mime in the past and I do not intend to whisper now. We, the silent majority of Conservatives and Moderates alike, cannot stay silent. We must speak out, without proselytizing, on politics and religion, the two areas we’re taught are “too personal” to discuss with co-workers, neighbors, school-mates, Zoom buddies and others in your world. These are two foggy areas where society is searching for Truth. By keeping quiet, we cede the debate to the strategic posts of supposed experts & celebrities on Facebook & Instagram. Politics is mainstream now and so is a secular, anti-God mentality. It’s replaced with an allegiance to Mother Earth and a devaluing of human life.

Your Natural rights & Constitutional protected rights are not selfish. Don’t believe that guilt-ridden lie. We must engage our fellow citizens with civility, understanding the difference between simple conversation or friendly debate and arguing. We must use wisdom as we wield knowledge like a verbal sword, reminding others that critical thinking and deductive reasoning are virtues. And we must be ok with disagreement without disparaging the personal character of those who remain unconvinced.

I do not speak of those who work for true racial equality or other honorable things such as equal pay for women and an end to human trafficking. But I speak of those who want an active big government, those who think the gov’t cares for the underprivileged better than charities, and who want gov’t to mandate away all of life’s risks — from masks over your face to over-regulating business to fining you for not purchasing healthcare to regulating the size of the Coca-Cola you buy.

Be wary of government, even those candidates whom you vote for. And be wary of those who ignore human history, promising a Shangri La society if you’ll only empower them to force others to comply with far-Left wishes.



2 thoughts on “Silent Crumble

  1. Tom Koppa

    I just celebrated my 70th birthday this past Wednesday. I was born 5 years after WWII ended – so I have seen the rise and fall of America to some degree. I have voted through12 Presidential elections to date so this is Lucky 13. And yet I stand here announcing that this is the one election I never thought I would experience. The very future existence of Our Republic is at stake. Not just some GOP vs Democrap business as usual. We are talking the end of America could be only months away. The marxists, socialists, communists, anarchists, racist conglomeration has pushed all their chips in. The propaganda media no longer hides their bias and evil connection. Academia has unleashed it’s brain-washed airheads devoid of historic knowledge of common sense reasoning. Celebrities from hollow-wood and what used to be pro sports have blown wide open their racist views and liberal ideologies. Anarchy has broached law and order. Covid muddies the waters. Everything muddies what used to be politics. far left radicals who have wormed their way into elected offices have had their brain chips activated. God and Christians are being set up to be attacked like never before. And there stands one man in between destruction and one more chance – Donald Trump. Love Him or hate him – there…he… stands…. And then there is dementia joe, a puppet if ever there was one for all the above named sources of evil. One day – November 23rd – and America lives to fight another day… or begins to die – gagging on it’s own vomit. And that one man, Donald Trump stands against all of that – and behind him is the “Silent Majority” we have all heard about – but no one knows their numbers. Are they a mighty force to be heard…. turning the tide… or is it over? Is it too late to gain the path that Jon describes above ? Only if we get off our asses and become “Not Silent” Now ! Active… Vocal… Involved… Forceful… In Spirit, Body, Mind and Soul. God must be our Compass and Power to defeat this evil in our time. Vote and Rally All Voters – Nationwide. This is not a battle we can lose and hope to fight another day.


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