Clean-Up On Aisle 2

The regional grocery chain that has defined variety, cleanliness, and efficiency for over a decade has been using their profits to sow cultural weeds in society.

H-E-B has long been a supporter of schools, through awards, grants, donations and recognitions. Yet, like so many corporations today, they now feel a need to speak on political and social matters. This is a disappointment.

When I watch sports, I don’t care about, nor do I want to know about, the athletes’ political views. I want to watch the game. Similarly, when I give my hard earned money to a company for a service or product, I don’t want to know what they think about politics or social issues. That’s why the pattern of sponsorship which H-E-B has engaged in recently is troubling.

Regarding the article linked to here, youth do not need a “safe space” to counsel about gender identity. They need caring, compassionate adults to help them see their confusion and to give them proper, sage counsel. This would include the loving-but-firm message that they are not a mistake, trapped in the wrong body.

There are reasons children and budding youth can’t vote or drive or get tattoos or buy certain products at the store — because their reasoning skills are not mature and they are not capable of making lifelong decisions at age 9 or 13 or 15.

Segments of society now want to coax vulnerable youth into irreversible decisions. Pre-teen & teen years are a time when hormones are raging for the first time and brains are developing. Individuals this age are confused and trying to process feelings, to find their place in the world.

That’s why H-E-B’s sponsorship of such organizations as mentioned in this article is disappointing. And it’s not their first time.

You cannot change your gender. I understand that many want to play a semantics game between the words “sex” and “gender,” arguing the latter is a “social construct,” whereas the former is biological. Nonsense.

Don’t be drawn into this parsing of words by the author of confusion, who is at work in society.

Shame on you, H-E-B.…/h-e-b-sponsors…/

PS – Only women can get pregnant, not men.

PPS – How ridiculous it is that the statement “Only women can get pregnant” is now considered controversial in society. Unlike Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, I refuse to play along with these word games. I will continue to speak truth when the emperor has no clothes.



3 thoughts on “Clean-Up On Aisle 2

  1. Fred & Lynda Lindstrom

    Jon – the computer won’t let me respond……HEB is building a store 2 blocks from my house. This info is so very disappointing. Fred Lindstrom


  2. In November of 2020 HEB shunned The Thankful Ones Child Adoption Advocacy fundraising event, the Pecan Grove Turkey Trot, as “unsafe” and would not contribute to our event as the store had done the previous 4 years. The hypocrisy of the situation was astounding as they told me this to my face in one of their Richmond, TX stores while 100’s of people shopped inside of it. But they had masks on! Oh wait, although comical (bc we’re all still not stupid enough to think face coverings work, right?), I spent $1500 of the charity’s money to provide face coverings to all participants.


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